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13-4 Welcome to Kindergarten Program

What is Welcome to Kindergarten?

Welcome to Kindergarten (Welcome to K) is a program that was introduced in 2004 by the Learning Partnership of Canada, http://www.thelearningpartnership.ca/. Through family orientation sessions, Welcome to K provides pre-kindergarten children and their families with information, early learning resources and experiences that can help prepare children for the transition to school and learning.

Parents/caregivers and children are invited to attend a family orientation session and participate in activities using a variety of materials such as books, magnetic numbers and letters, playdough, crayons, paper, and scissors. Early Childhood Professionals are present at Welcome to K sessions to share ideas about how and why to incorporate these early learning resources into family activities. Before leaving the orientation session, every family receives a

Welcome to K bag of early learning resources. Families are encouraged to utilize these resources to assist their child in preparing for kindergarten.

Welcome to K is also a great way for families to connect with kindergarten teachers, school resource personnel and staff from community agencies.

When and where is Welcome to Kindergarten held?

Welcome to Kindergarten events are held at all elementary schools sometime in the spring. Each school schedules its own event. Your child’s school principal can provide you with the schedule and details about the Welcome to Kindergarten event at your child’s school. Registering your child early in the year (January/February) will allow school personnel to send your child an invitation to this event.

What kind of information will I receive at a Welcome to K event?


  • A Welcome to K event provides you with the following:
  • Information about using play and discovery with your child;
  • A description of what a typical day in kindergarten might look like;
  • A list of items to send to school with your child;
  • Administrative documents and information: registration forms, late arrival information, transportation options and guidelines, etc.;
  • A description of potential supports available for children with additional needs;
  • Helpful tips for preparing your child for kindergarten;
  • Information about having your child’s hearing, vision, and speech tested, should you wish to do so before school starts;
  • A sample All About Me album you and your child can create over the summer and that your child can take to school. (See the tip sheet Creating an All About Me Album);
  • Best of all, your family will receive a Welcome to Kindergarten bag to take home. 




Disclaimer: This document reflects the views of the author. It is Autism Ontario’s intent to inform and educate. Every situation is unique and while we hope this information is useful, it should be used in the context of broader considerations for each person. Please contact Autism Ontario at info@autismontario.com or 416-246-9592 for permission to reproduce this material for any purpose other than personal use. © 2012 Autism Ontario  416.246.9592  www.autismontario.com.