13-11 Creating An All About Me Album

What is an All About Me album?

An All About Me album is a booklet, binder, scrapbook or photo album designed to present your child to school staff and classmates. A sample All About Me album has been created and is ready for parents to fill in.

Why should I create an All About Me album?

The All About Me album has a number of benefits:

  • It provides a general idea about who your child is and a bit of his or her life to date.
  • It gives your child the opportunity to tell his or her story.
  • Creating the album with your child is a great activity you can do over time.
  • Your child can include information that is important to him or her.
  • It provides the opportunity for you and your child to talk about school and the upcoming changes while celebrating accomplishments to date.
  • It serves as a quick reference for staff as they get to know your child.
  • Staff and your child can get to know each other as they sit and look at the album together.


The All About Me album can also be used to remind your child of his or her successes and accomplishments. Some parents review the album with their child on a regular basis but especially when he or she is feeling down or overwhelmed. It’s a great confidence builder!

What kind of information do I include in the All About Me album?

There is no specific information that must be included in the All About Me album. You can include information you feel presents your child as completely as possible. Here are some ideas about what to include:

  • Name, birthday and age;
  • What my family and friends love about me;
  • My family and people in my life (e.g. friends, neighbours, service providers)
  • My favourite things, things I like to do, things I don’t like or that can upset me and things that can help calm me;
  • Things I can do by myself and things I need help with;
  • What I did during the summer before school.


Tips for creating an All About Me album

  • Photographs are a great way to help your child share the information with others. Let your child tape or glue photos in the album.
  • Ask your child what information he or she wants included in the album. He or she can write or draw pictures or tell you what to write. This truly makes it his or her album.
  • Include details – names, dates, captions, what your child calls a special place or activity, job titles, school/centre/agency names, awards, specific accomplishments, etc.
  • These details make it easier for staff to talk to your child about what’s in the album.
  • Invite family and friends to help in creating the album by adding a caption or special memory.


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