13-12 Creating an I'm Going to School Album

What is an I’m Going to School album?

An I’m Going to School album is a booklet, binder, scrapbook or photo album designed to help prepare a child for school. The album shows photographs of different areas of the school the child will be going to and some of the things he or she will be doing at school.

Why should my child have an I’m Going to School album?

The I’m Going to School album has a number of benefits:

  • The album is a concrete way for your child to become familiar with different parts of the school (e.g. classroom, cubby, gym, hall, school yard, etc.);
  • It’s a great opportunity to talk to your child about going to school and what he or she will be doing;
  • Your child can review the album as often as he or she wants;
  • Your child can be involved in the creation of the album truly making it his or her own album.


Who creates the I’m Going to School album?

The creation of the album should be discussed at the case conference or with school personnel. The school may already have the pictures needed for the album. If not, which pictures to take, who will take the pictures, and when the pictures will be taken as well as general guidelines to respect (i.e. no students in the pictures) will need to be discussed.

What kind of information should be included in my child’s I’m Going to School album?

Although there is no set way of creating the album, it’s important to remember that the goal of the album is to help your child become familiar with the school and not to overwhelm him or her with every possible detail related to the school day. A helpful approach is to think about a “day in the life of a kindergartner” and to take the most important pictures. A possible sequence of photographs could be as follows:

  • Front of the school
  • Bus drop off area
  • Kindergarten yard
  • Kindergarten door and cubby area
  • Carpet/ group area, tables for activities/work/snack, play area
  • Washroom
  • Gym, library and office
  • Bus area for the end of the day pick up


It can be helpful to write a short script to go with the pictures to make sure that anyone who looks at the album with your child uses the same language.

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